Privacy Policy for Kandao Meeting Series Products and Services

Thank you for using the meeting series products and services provided by Shenzhen Kandao Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kandao"). We highly value your privacy and have formulated this privacy policy to explain how we handle your personal information.

1. Information Collected by Kandao Meeting, Kandao Meeting Pro, Kandao Meeting S, Kandao Meeting Ultra, and Kandao Ultra Standard, and Its Usage Include:

  • (1) Firmware version and device SN (Serial Number): These are collected for the purpose of determining whether the device firmware version needs an upgrade and for firmware upgrade verification.
  • (2) Device system language: This is collected to determine the display of meeting software in the software store/download center in host mode.

2. Information Collected by Kandao Meeting Omni, and Its Usage Include:

  • (1) User email address: This is collected for sending activation code emails.
  • (2) User computer system language: This is used to determine the language for sending activation code emails.
  • (3) Kandao Meeting Omni software version number: This is used to determine if software needs an upgrade.

In addition to the information mentioned above, Kandao's meeting series products and services do not store or transmit any user's personal privacy information or behavioral data.

Our AI algorithms run entirely locally and offline, with no external internet connection capabilities.

Please note that this privacy policy is applicable only to Kandao's meeting series products and services and is not applicable to third-party services or software that you may use. We recommend that you carefully read the privacy policy of any third-party services or software before using them.