Kandao sales policy

Thank you for choosing the products of kandaovr.com.

Parties to the Agreement

The Kandao Store Sales Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this agreement”) is an agreement concluded for buyers to purchase products from the Kandao Store subordinate to www.kandaovr.com (hereinafter referred to as Kandao Store). Once the buyer has placed an order in the Kandao Store, he/she hereby state and guarantee that he/she has the ability to agree to and sign the clauses in this agreement. If the buyer cannot accept all the clauses included in this agreement, please do not hit the “Place Order” button.

Pictures and Advertisements

The information included in the Kandao Store is nothing more than invitation for offer. Any information of such does not form as offer of the Kandao Store to provide any product or service.

The pictures, videos and words displayed on the Kandao Store may not be the same as the actual products due to different batches and technology advancement. There may also be errors due to careless omissions in the review process. Kandao Store always strives to provide buyers with objective and correct website content and pictures but takes no responsibility for any incorrect information that has not been subject to proofreading, or for any misunderstandings due to differences in interpretation.

If you find any errors in the information displayed on the Kandao official website, please contact us at store@kandaovr.com

Pricing and Adjustment

Kandao reserves the right to change the price of the products displayed in the Kandao Store based on the actual market situation. In the event of a price change, any change or cancellation of an order due to a change in price will not be accepted.

Kandao has the right to correct any unintentional mispricing. In the event of a pricing error, you will be notified and will be allowed to continue trading at the correct price or cancel the order without any charge. You can find additional information on pricing and sales taxes on the product page.

Order Receipt and Confirmation

When you place an order from our store, your order constitutes an offer to purchase products or services from us. If your order contains multiple products or services, your order will contain a series of offers for each product or service. After the order payment is completed, Kandao Store will provide you the order status inquiry.

We have the right to decide whether to accept your order. The Kandao Store will only accept your order only after we have confirmed that the stock, logistics, policies and all other objective conditions can be satisfied. If the Kandao Store have confirmed your order but find out later that we cannot offer the products or service ordered or that the buyer is scalping, competing with malice or buying against the purchase limitation, etc., we will cancel the order and refund the purchase price to you in full.

Order Cancellation and Change

Buyers could cancel the order or change receiving information before the order is shipped. Please contact us at store@kandaovr.com. The order cannot be changed once it has been confirmed and processed. If you want to cancel the order after it is confirmed, please do not unpack and use the product, and process with the refund in 7 days upon receiving the product.

Logistics and Delivery

Kandao promise that it will take less than two working days to ship after receipt of the order(Postpone in case of holidays). For products that require longer time to prepare for delivery, please refer to the estimated delivery time on the product page. For pre-sale products, please refer to the information of the pre-sale campaign for the delivery time.

If your order does not qualify for free shipping, the shipping fee will be shown on the address-filing page once the order is settled.

Kandao Store will select a third-party shipping company with consent of the buyer, including but not limited to: 1. DHL, 2.UPS, 3. FedEx, 4. SF International SF Logistics, 5. DHL eCommerce. The Kandao Store will choose the most suitable shipping company to provide the service according to the shipping address. You may advise us on the most appropriate shipping company for our reference, however we may not follow this advice.

The shipping time should be subject to the time announced by the third-party shipping company. Once the products of your order leave our warehouse, the actual delivery may be affected by events which are beyond Kandao’s control. Thus, Kandao does not assume any responsibility for any delay in delivery due to unexpected logistics related events.

If any logistics delay occurs, you may contact us at store@kandaovr.com and we will do our best to contact the logistics company to help resolve the issue.

Order Receipt

After the product is delivered, we will inform you of the corresponding logistics waybill number by email. The logistics status of the order shall be subject to the tracking information provided by the third-party logistics company.

If you did not receive the product after the auto-confirmation by the system, please contact us at store@kandaovr.com. We will re-ship the product or provide refund or reimbursement according to actual situation.

Kandao assumes no responsibility for any loss due to the following reasons:

1.The buyer provided incorrect or inaccurate receiving information.
2.Unable to contact recipients during valid delivery time.
3.The recipient rejects the package while the package is in good condition.
4.The recipient fails to cooperate with the logistics company to complete customs clearance in accordance with local laws and policies, resulting in the return of the package.

As Kandao products are generally quite valuable, please inspect the package upon delivery. If it’s damaged or deformed, do not sign the delivery or open the package. In such cases, please contact us.

Once you (or someone else on your behalf) signs for the item, Kandao will consider this your acceptance of the package, quantity, and product. To protect your rights, you are highly recommended to shoot a complete unboxing video and check the items according to the packing list. If items are missing or damaged, please contact us at store@kandaovr.com within 48 hours after you receive the package so that we can resolve the problem immediately.

Return and Exchange

Products purchased at Kandao Store can be returned within 7 days upon receipt of the product without any reason. The product has to be in unopened-factory condition and Kandao will only refund the full price of the product. Costs like custom fees , VAT ,and postage rates will not be refunded. Buyers need to pay for any return shipping to the designated service center (including cross-border and international shipping costs, if applicable) unless the refund is due to quality issues.

Kandao Store will offer you an exchange should there is any quality issues with the product within 15 days from the date of the completed transaction. We will refund you should there is no exchange unit. We will also be responsible for any costs incurred during this type of exchange and refund.

Kandao Store would not provide refund or exchange for any product issues caused by buyers, whereas you can submit Kandao After-service Application Form for any maintenance request. Fees and charges are subject to the evaluation of Kandao Service Team.

Invoice and Tax

Once we ship your order, your invoice will be provided by email. If necessary, you can also contact us at store@kandaovr.com to assist you with your invoice.

Your order will be shipped from outside of your country. For goods with tax included, any duties incurred during the import process will be paid for by Kandao.

Tax items will not be displayed separately, and the prices you see on the checkout page and invoice are tax inclusive.

After-sales Service

Kandao will provide after-sales service based on the Warranty Policy on the official website and the product warranty card. For specific service terms, please refer to Warranty Policy, or contact us at service@kandaovr.com

Pre-Sale Policy

For pre-sale products, Kandao Store would only provide the estimated shipping time due to objective uncertainty, the actual shipping time may be influenced production, inventory situations and force majeure. Buyers hereby agrees that Kandao has the right to adjust the shipping time according to the actual situation or cancel the order after receiving the permission from the buyer. If any such adjustment or cancellation occurs, Kandao will promptly notify the buyer.

Reselling forbidden

Kandao Store sells and delivers products to end-users/customers only. Any purchase of products from Kandao for the purpose of reselling is forbidden. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you are not purchasing the products for personal use.

Intellectual Property Protection

www.kandaovr.com is the exclusive owner of all the intellectual property rights related to the products (including but not limited to design drawings, technologies, appearance design, utility models, brands, trade names and trademarks, etc.) and the right to apply for intellectual property of the related intellectual achievements (collectively referred to as “Kandao Intellectual Property”). www.kandaovr.com has the right to enjoy and implement Kandao Intellectual Property according to the relevant laws and regulations, and all the proceeds arising from the intellectual property protection shall be owned by www.kandaovr.com . www.kandaovr.com has absolute authority to strive for and maintain the protection for the intellectual property of all or part of the technologies or improvements across the world. Any infringement of rights and interests of www.kandaovr.com on Kandao Intellectual Property is unacceptable by us, including but not limited to reverse engineering or resale of the products purchased.

Data Protection

Once you have placed an order, this means you agree that Kandao Store may store, process or use the data you provided for the purchase of the product or service. This also means that you agree for your data to be archived and/or circulated within www.kandaovr.com, so you can receive information regarding Kandao products or services that may interest you.

Force Majeure

If Kandao Store cannot fully fulfill the obligations of this Sales Agreement due to force majeure, we will notify you within 5 days from the date of the force majeure (if the notice cannot be delivered within the aforementioned period due to a force majeure incident, Kandao Store will notify you within 5 days after the conditions of the incident have been eliminated). If Kandao Store fails to fulfill the Sales Agreement due to force majeure, we shall be wholly or partially exempt from liability or responsibility. Force majeure events include, but are not limited to, earthquakes, flooding, lightning strikes, snowstorms, and government action.

Protocol Conflict

This agreement applies to all products sold at Kandao Store. If Kandao Store makes any specific sales policy for any product, and there exist conflicts between the sales policy and this agreement, please take the product sales policy as the standard.

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