Kandao Obsidian Pro
12K 3D VR Cinematic Camera
Watch Video
Eight APS-C
Super Large Sensors
Electronic Aperture/Focus Control
Auto Eight Lens Synchronization
f2.8 Large Aperture
High-Resolution Fisheye Lens
12K x 12K 30fps
3D Panoramic Video
12bit RAW
Video Recording
Apple ProRes
422 HQ 10-bit
8-in-1 SSD
Fastly Stable Storage
8K 30fps, 6K 60fps
In-Cam Ultra HD Live Broadcast
Eight APS-C Super Large Sensors
It's the world-first cinematic 360° camera with 8 APS-C sensors. 24 million pixels and high photosensitivity are the key factors for recording rich details and performing excellently even in dark.

Photosensitivity to

ISO 12800

14 Stops Dynamic Range
Achieve smoothly transit from shadow to highlight, and provide more possibility for post-processing.
Electronic Aperture Control
It is the first panoramic camera equipped with lenses that have an adjustable aperture. The maximum aperture is f2.8, supports f2.8 to f16. Up to 16 stops of adjustable exposure for precise control on the depth of field and creative capturing with motion blur.
Electronic Focus Control
It is unique with selectable focus distances. Offer “Near” and “Normal” as two options. Satisfy different focus requirement under the huge aperture.
Eight Lenses Design
135° horizontal FOV, 195° vertical FOV, and 12K-resolution for capture and perform in perfection.
300% as Capturing Coverage
Stitching Can Always be Perfect
Eight-lenses structure ensures every single angle can be covered by three lenses so that capturing coverage can reach 300%. Offer full-cover footages for panorama stitching and 3D rendering.
Cinema-Imaging-Tech Lens
With a 14 elements 10 groups optical design, chromatic dispersion and false color are greatly reduced. High-precision multi-layer coating technology and sapphire material further reduce glare and ghosting, achieve a spectacular optical performance.
12K x 12K 30fps 3D Panoramic Video
60fps Super Resolution 12K 3D Panoramic Video is even Available.




7680 x 7680
10560 x 10560
11520 x 11520
Support Multi-Format Video Recording
12bit RAW video recording and 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 HQ video recording
Supporting Frame Rate: 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60.

12bit RAW

Video Recording

10-bit Apple ProRes

422 HQ Video Recording

4K Proxy Files
Post-Edit Efficiently
In-cam stitched 4K proxy files is convenient for creator to do post-work, such as fast-editing and rendering.
8-in-1 SSD Module
Achieve High-Speed Storage for Eight-Lens
The maximum capacity is up to 16TB. Being fast and stable for read-and-write, the write speed can achieve up to 22160 Mbps.
Optional capacity: 4T, 8T, 16T.
Available time for 16T to record KDRAW is 90min.
Available time for 16T to record 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 HQ is 100min.
Built-in Nine-Axis Gyroscope, Perfect Calibration
Nine-axis gyroscope is precisely synchronized to achieve excellent image stability and eliminate rolling shutter effect.
In-Cam 8K 30fps, 6K 60fps 360° Live Broadcast
Support main streaming protocol, such as RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS, and SRT. Maximum Output of HDMI is 8K 30Hz, while refresh rate can be 23.976 Hz, 24 Hz, 25 Hz, 29.97 Hz, 30 Hz, 50 Hz, 59.94 Hz, 60 Hz.
Main Streaming Protocol
HDMI Maximum Output
8K 30Hz
14bit RAW 12K Binocular VR Photo
14bit RAW records rich color information from brightness to darkness, for presenting VR picture with fine details.
DNG8 Greatly Improve Low-Light Imaging Quality
Continuously capture eight 14bit RAW photos, and merge into a 16bit RAW photo with no ghost through Kandao Raw+. Excellent in noise reduction.
Exposure-Bracketing HDR Photography
Continuously capture photos under different exposure, and easy process into HDR photo, for increasing the potential of post-toning.
LCD Interactive Operating System
Kandao Obsidian Pro equips with a visual operating system for easy camera setting and convenient parameter adjustment.
Kandao Obsidian Pro App Control
Connect Kandao Obsidian Pro and App through Wi-Fi to achieve remote and real-time FHD preview, both single-Lens and panorama are available. Parameters include EV, white balance, focus distance and mode are all allowed to be adjusted on App.
10 Gigabit Ethernet Port
The transmission speed is up to 10Gbps, which means only takes 40 seconds to download 50GB media material. With the 10GbE port, Live Broadcast can be stable in high transmission speed.
Wi-Fi 6 & Bluetooth 5.0
Support high-speed Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) and provide MIMO2 × 2, so that high-definition preview and convenient App connection is achieved. Transmission can be stable in a larger range.
Built-in GPS Module
Adopt Google Street View GPS data standards for VR street view content creation.
Efficient Heat-Dissipating System
Brand-new heat dissipation design, 4mm sixteen heat pipe super liquid cooling, and built-in 120mm super air cooling, ensure long-time 12K 30fps video recording continuously and stably.
Abundant Audio Methods
3.5mm Standard Audio Input
Supports stereo collection. Selectable input: LINE-in and MIC-in.
USB Audio Device Input
USB Type-C Connection Port for professional multi-channel panoramic audio device input.
Built-in Omnidirectional Microphone Matrix
Built-in 8 omnidirectional microphones realize 360° full-direction sound collection.
Power Supply Solutions
AC/ DC Adapter
Push pull self-lock aviation connector plug (Lemo connector, 2B, 4pin) 20V (maximum 160W)
V-Mount Battery Power Supply (Optional)
Film-industry standard V-mount battery power supply for covering a wide range of shooting requirement
User Scenarios
Kandao Obsidian Pro
12K 3D VR Cinematic Camera

Kandao Obsidian Pro

Kandao Obsidian Pro